Canoeing ranks as one of the all-time favorite activities among our campers.  The lake is so big that you could canoe for several hours and still have tons to explore. Because lake Hancock is shallow, the middle of the lake has an unusual amount of plant-life. In fact, you can find a number of different plants and birds in the green patches in the middle of the lake. It almost appears as though the lake encircles a small island. Upon further investigation though, the grassy patches appear to be the remnant of the drought from a few years ago.

Now that the lake is back to normal capacity, our campers can take full advantage of the canoeing and scenery surrounding our beautiful lake Hancock.


The Lake

2013-01-27 Lake

Just two years ago Lake Hancock was basically gone. In fact, the maintenance staff was literally mowing “the lake”. During a typical year the deepest part of Lake Hancock is only about 16 feet deep, with an average depth of only 4 feet. Because the lake is shallow compared to an average lake, the overall dimensions of the lake change based on the amount of rain.

Thankfully, the drought has ended and the rain has brought the lake back. We now enjoy a full lake once again. This means our campers will be able to fully enjoy the canoeing and and nature scenes. You definitely don’t want to miss the sunset over the lake. Some of my favorite pictures of Lakewood include our beautiful sunsets over Lake Hancock. Feel free to share any pictures on our Facebook page.